Lavender and Blue Medieval Gown with Blue Roses

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Sorry for the extended silence! (That goes for my neglected drawing circle, too. I hope you all haven’t abandoned it yet.) There are times when nothing I touch seems to go right, and the very idea of sitting down to try to draw something seems ridiculous. But hopefully I’ve stopped the cycle before it turns into weeks of inactivity.

Janani won my last contest, and wrote:

How about the black and white medieval gown with flower garlands? I’m not sure how this will look, but maybe pale blue, kind of translucent sleeves, a light, maybe lavender skirt, with a slightly darker blouse, and maybe darker blue flowers?

I hope you like this rendition of it, Janani! By the way, Janani and her friend started their own paper doll blog, Silent Moonstone, so check it out!

21 thoughts on “Lavender and Blue Medieval Gown with Blue Roses

  1. Well, I haven’t abandoned it, but I have been too busy/tired/pained to draw the last week or so.

    Lovely colour up of the gown Liana =)

  2. I really like purples and blues…so this is like a dress from heaven for me. :] I love the flowers, too…melancholy, in a beautiful way.

  3. This is awesome because if I won a contest, this is the dress I would pick & its almost the exact colors I would have picked! ^_^ I like it a lot.

  4. -sigh- I LOVE this dress and the colors!!! Your amazing Liana! All the time I wonder how you do it all…and I have a question for you. Its random but here it is! Liana, when you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

  5. It’s beautiful. I was wondering if you were gonna do something from the BBC series The Tudors, because it’s gonna be a special sort of senior party (here in Belgium, yes you have Belgian fans) soon, and we (the seniors) get to dress up in a sort of theme, this year’s them is TV and Movies, so i was looking for some inspiration, and you really helped but i was just wondering about it, because i saw the show and loved it

  6. Thanks everyone – although you ought to thank Janani ^^
    Abigail, when I was very young I was obsessed with dinosaurs, astronomy and birds (in that order, I think?) and so I wanted to be a paleontologist, an astronaut and an ornithologist. As I got older, I had very vague ideas of being a writer or artist, but somehow I always thought I would figure out what I wanted to do, and I never really quite did. Which is how I got to be a TOEFL rater with a paperdoll blog ^^;;

    Luna, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about The Tudors with the exception of the program name, and I’m not very knowledgable about the clothes from that time period.

  7. The Tudors is a kinda sloppy retelling of Henry VII and all his wives. And modernized of course.

    Myself, I’ve always admired Anne Boleyn. When the king wanted to make her another of his mistresses, she refused and instisted that if he really wanted her, he would marry her. And contradictory to the show, most evidence indicates that the two didn’t consumate their relationship until shortly before they were married or until they were married. Anne Boleyn was demonized by the king to get rid of her when she failed to produce a male heir, and by the catholics for her involvement in the creation of the church of England.

    Ok, now that I’ve talked to much and you’ve all stopped reading, good night!

  8. ooooh! I love it! this was one of my favorites when you first posted it, so its so nice to see it again! :D very beautiful!

  9. I think its absolutely beautiful. I have a suggestion. (its kinda strange.. bare with me!) I looked on your blog and saw that you made some things from the show Naruto in the past.. what if you made a few outfits from Naruto now? like ino or sakura or something? I’m obsessed with the show and I love your blog. :)

  10. I love every desing please never stop drawing most people who leave comments here are older than me I’m only thirteen

  11. Hey I love everything on your blog pls never stop u r my idol . I have this really slow computer at home so can you send me every dress you have ever designed up till today if u can but if not I guess that’s alright. I am 12 years old and adore u loads so pls send me some feedback about the blog and if you do decid to send me stuff pls subject it as paper doll dress blog

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