Mermaid Monday #14: Purple Water Iris Mermaid with Yellow Tail

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So yesterday was Mother’s Day, and then I go and disappoint my poor mother by deciding to take Sundays off! Well, I couldn’t not do Mermaid Monday, but this one is dedicated to my mom, since she likes irises. (Yes, that’s what those flowers are supposed to be, water irises. You all should see the irises she draws: they are beautiful and look like irises, unlike mine.)

Right now, sadly, I live over 2,000 miles away from my family, but this summer, we’re planning on moving, Prismacolors and cats and all, from Michigan to Washington State where they live. You all should appreciate that, because I have a feeling that once I’m out there, Mom won’t let me get away with any more half-year disappearances! Seriously, though, I will probably end up drawing more because I can get together with her, or my cousin Becky, and just enjoy drawing. So wish me good luck with that, once I get to that point.

14 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday #14: Purple Water Iris Mermaid with Yellow Tail

  1. yay! im the first one to comment!!! its so pretty!! i luv mermaids. please please please draw more!!!!

  2. My sister and I both cheered when we saw this! We missed mermaids!
    By the way your mom sounds awesome XD

  3. I love how the colors turned out together! Oh… I love Washington State. Except for perhaps the excessive amount of rain..

  4. Beautiful. And I can tell their Iris, their one of my favorite flowers too. And I like your mom already if she’ll keep you drawing and happily at that.

  5. Thank you daughter. We will indeed find ways to spend our time. Will we draw more or play more? I would wish for a combination of both. I love my mother’s day Monday and am grateful that it’s not green.

  6. Hi, Liana! I love your site,yet I’m just too lazy to comment.(I know,I’m evil) I’m really glad you’re back. I totally understand that it can be difficult to get back to completing (or whatever)ones projects. Really love this mermaid!!! Purple and yellow are such a great combination; you never see it though….

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