Blue Winter Gown, and an apology

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Remember me?
… I know, I know. I do some of the best dresses I’ve ever drawn, and then I up and vanish on you. I’m very sorry, everyone… I do tend to swing between obsessions, and I don’t know if it’s quite time to return to paperdolls, but my mom was quite right when she said it’s past time for the fire gown to be the first thing everyone sees when they look at the site. This isn’t the December birthday dress or anything… it’s just pretty. I hope. I’m kind of rusty. And it’s blue because I’m feeling blue about being such a lousy paperdoll blog maintainer. Kidding. Sort of.

I will have another couple of updates in the coming days, but for now I thought I had just better post something, apologize for the complete and total neglect, and get it over with!

37 thoughts on “Blue Winter Gown, and an apology

  1. Nice to see you back! The dress is beautiful and I hope that everything about the plagiarizer is sorted out.


  2. I love this dress, it has a delicate nature that says to me snow nymph. I’d love to make something like this in real life, it’s a beautiful design.

  3. I think it was well worth the wait! Besides, my girls are making me print and cut out every past dress you’ve done so I’ll never get caught up if you don’t take a few days off now and then LOL.

  4. YAAAAAAYYYY!!! YOU”RE BACK! I OVE IT! SOO pretty!! It totally reminds me of the snow and ice and magic and fairys and all sort of mystical stuff!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I so toally forgive you liana! (I was never mad in the first place, just impatiant. =]) THANKS AGIAN! Monica

  5. I just found your site and I totally adore you! I wanted to draw paper dolls but I am not so good at drawing anything. I love paper dolls and will play with all the ones you produce. Thank you very much! You have inspired me to keep on trying to draw the things I desire! Happy Holidays!

  6. Glad you’re back as well :D Hope things are going alright with you! This latest dress is just gorgeous. I wish I could wear it…!

  7. Omg you’re back! *glomps* This dress is gorgeous. Makes me think fairies and snow and pretty stuff :) I hope you post a December birthday dress soon, my birthday is the 21st :P

  8. You know it’s been a while when your own mother stops checking your page. Lovely dress! Maybe you should do a series of winter evenings wear…

  9. Stunnin! I’d love to snatch it right off my screen and magic it into reality. Oh, and welcome back! My birthday present I’m asking for this year is- no lie- all your dolls and clothes printed out at some shop on good paper!

  10. did you ever think of becoming a designer or working for a movie comapny making costumes for movies? you would be amazing at it.

    when are you coming out with new dresses

  11. Hey I LOVE this dress!!! You did great and I can’t wait until you post more!!!! I am trying to get a paper doll blog together… I’m not shur if mine will ever be as good as yours (: But hey I have a lot of time to practice!!! Oh by the way Merry Christmas and I’ll be checking every day for more dresses!!! Love ya

  12. BTW the blog thingy is just encase anyone wants to have a look… I’m working on dolls and dresses… I don’t have any on there yet but hey there’s still time!

  13. Jesus… I wish I could do this stuff. Proportionally, I suck at drawing. The shoulders always end up horribly, and I can’t even begin to express how amazing the creases and folds at the bottom of this dress are. But of course, it’s what I’ve come to expect from you. :D


  14. I love this dress!!! I think it’s one of the best!!! I love the color!!Your not going to vanish again, are you? JK… Well I can’t wait until you post more dresses! Merry Christmas!!!


  15. It’s absolutely gorgeous, Liana! Thank you for coming back to us! I’ve been checking every day. This dress is worth the wait! Merry Christmas

  16. Liana… I don’t want to nag, and I know it’s Christmas, but we at least get a pretty new dress in January, right?

  17. Dear Liana,

    First of all you have wonderful designs here, I loved all of them so far. Unfortunately that is not the main reason why I write this comment -hopefully you’ll read it-.

    At (Fiesta Online) a costume designing art contest was held in the last week and I have found several cases of art theft (most are already confirmed and punished). And apparently two idiots posted your designs as their entries seperately, one of them even used the original link to this site *facepalm*.

    All I would like to ask you is wether you are registered at (which I doubt because I am sure if you were one of those guys, you would have at least wrote a comment about the designs) in order to confirm the theft.

    The artworks that were stolen are: (the blue dress) and .

    The admins of Outspark already know about these cases and are waiting for me to confirm the theft through you, so that the thieves can get their punishment. Please write an e-mail to me with your answer at .

    Hopefully your artwork won’t get stolen in the future again :(


  18. This is still my very favorite dress! I picture myself in it all the time- its so beautiful! I’m in the middle of designing my future wedding dress & I use this dress along with a few disney dresses & your drawing of princess garnets dress. Haha ya I know I’m such a geek!

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