Halloween Masquerade Costume Series #4: The Cursed Sisters, Part 3

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The song was slow, and Linnetta found it positively mournful. Her partner seemed to be concentrating on the music as well, dancing ever more lightly to make up for her slow pace and dulled movements.

“Do you really believe that your family is cursed, Linnetta?” he asked suddenly.

“What, did you place a bet on my death too?” she replied, her fingers tightening on his shoulder. “How will I die? A sudden relapse perhaps, or does an assassin lurk nearby? Or will I slip and crack my head during the next song?”

“I’m rather of the opinion that you will live for quite a long time.”

“It’s good to know that someone thinks so,” she said.

Off to the side, Linnetta could see a woman in a sickly green gown whispering to the another woman, the previous arrival in spangled black. Those two together made her uneasy. Undoubtedly they were watching her, but then again so was everyone else. She would have felt elated at all the attention, if not for those women.


I’m sorry about the delay for today, this dress just was impossible! Hopefully tomorrow’s should go easier. Amelia guessed the contest answer, which I’m embarrassed to say was the Spice Girls, yes, no kidding, I know nothing about them except a couple bars of that one song and that flag dress, but apparently one of them had a gold dress I tried to draw at some point back in high school. And, what’s going on, fairies are losing? I thought for sure they had it this week. Well, vote, vote…

15 thoughts on “Halloween Masquerade Costume Series #4: The Cursed Sisters, Part 3

  1. Me and my sister have been taking turns to see if you’ve posted anything. You’ve got us addicted XD
    Love this dress, very very much. Worth the wait :)
    I can’t believe fairies are losing in the poll. Literary characters are all well and good, but I want fairies! XD

  2. I’m glad you say such things, because I despised despised despised this dress by the time I was done :) Now it’s growing on me, but…

  3. I would love some fairy clothes…..

    And this story is quite interesting!! Have you ever considered being a auther and a fashion desginer, Liana? ; )

  4. It’s not that I dislike it, it’s just that I sketched out fifty dresses trying to find one I liked, then I started drawing it about three times before I finished one, and then I made it so fussy it took forever ;)

  5. I love the design of this dress. The detail of the embroidery is beautiful. The darker green reminds me of butterfly wings for some reason.
    I have to say that I was sure I was going to vote for fairies this time around too, but then when I saw Final Fantasy costumes I was completely turned around. :D

  6. I finally figured out what I like about this dress. It’s the colors. Not many people would think of putting green and pink and black together, but you did and you pulled it off wonderfully. The style, I like too, although something about the cut of the bodice bothers me (the embroidery is stunning, by the way) but I still love it. This is probably my favorite masquerade gown so far. Love it!

  7. Thanks everyone :D

    Taylor, actually the black was a complete afterthought… those areas were going to be white lace like the underskirt, and at some point I took a look at what I had and thought “Those parts need to be BLACK” and luckily didn’t regret it :) And probably the thing about the cut of the bodice that bothers you is its complete impossibility… ;) That’s why I draw paperdolls instead of sewing with real fabric. Real fabric has limitations…

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