Sniper Joe Green and Yellow Outfit with Helmet from the Mega Man series

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So today is the other costume day that I promised to my husband – he was starting to offer me money, so I thought that I really had better humor him – and he wanted a Sniper Joe outfit. Apparently Sniper Joe is a Mega Man enemy, a mass-produced Protoman clone. (Brian’s been on a real Protomen kick lately, you see…)

Well, of course I get slightly bored with things like that, so I gave Sniper Joe – let’s call her Sniper Jo – a cute little skirt. Her shield is smaller than it is supposed to be, I think, so let’s pretend she’s an updated model who can take down Mega Man just fine without that clunky big shield, thank you…

So now you have a taste of what this blog would be like if my husband was the artist… Tomorrow, back to cute dresses, I think.

6 thoughts on “Sniper Joe Green and Yellow Outfit with Helmet from the Mega Man series

  1. This is the best paperdoll outfit ever. See for a better sample of the Protomen. Thanks Liana! All of you out in paperdoll land think she’s good to you, and she is, but she’s twice as good to me. So we’re all quite lucky to have Liana and her talents!

  2. I randomly stumbled upon this while trying to look up a detail for a specific Sniper Joe model. As a girly nerd, I absolutely love stuff like this, so thank you for making it. ;D
    I know this is from years ago, but still: there is a lot of inspiration you could find in the Mega Man games, lots of cute things that could be adapted to arts and crafts and such, actually. If I could, I would definitely make tiny paper models of a Met or a Bunby Heli. Especially the Have-Su Bee with its Chibees, it’s like a mama bee robot that drops a hive of tiny bees on you!

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