Mermaid Monday 12: Black and White Mermaid for Coloring

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

So now the black and white princess has a black and white mermaid friend to play with, or a mermaid secret identity perhaps. Either way, more coloring fun for you, less work for me, something that sounds good this evening! E-mail colored creations to me, or post a link in the comments. As far as the princess goes, I love how Freyja’s rich, warm version turned out, and yeah, I can’t not like anything my husband does.

9 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday 12: Black and White Mermaid for Coloring

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Diana, you sure are quick on the draw :P

    RLC, yeah, black and white is fun! I don’t do all the cool shading like yours, but it has such a different feel to it — often details on the colored dresses change last minute, black and white demands that I be more serious and know what I’m doing :)

    Freyja, such a cute mermaid :D I’ve played SL on and off, too, and I even designed some clothes although I never did much with them (owning a store, dealing with customers, etc = hassle). E-mail me your SL name if you like, and I’ll send you some of the clothes I made!

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