Gold Satin 1814 Regency Gown with White Embroidery from Persuasion by Jane Austen

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Upon reflection I really think the previous white regency gown has to go to someone like Louisa Musgrove, so I just had to draw one that would suit Anne a little better because she totally got robbed. So here’s a gown that’s a shade more sober than the white one, eminently suitable for playing the piano in while everyone else dances. The embroidery and satin only go so far in soothing a sad heart, but I like to think they’re worth a little something.

Why yes, I do love my new pencil sharpener, however did you notice?

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6 thoughts on “Gold Satin 1814 Regency Gown with White Embroidery from Persuasion by Jane Austen

  1. The border detail here is very pretty and it’s a lovely vidid color. It’s nice that you can see the detail of the pleating despite the rich background color.

  2. Thanks Rosepixie, RLC :)

    The dresses get resized, so the detail is noticeable but not as clear as the original — here’s a closeup of the bodice. The actual size is halfway between the printable version and the larger size it scans at… so it looks a bit sloppy in the closeup and a bit nondistinct in the printable version, but perfect in my hands. Ah well ;)

  3. I LOVE your fashions!!!!!!!! You are like, the best paperdoll person of all time. Have you ever given thought about a “Little Black Dress” collection? I think that would be great.

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