Halloween Costume Series Day 8: Cleopatra White Linen Egyptian Dress with Blue Lotus Pattern, with Jeweled Collar and Red Sash

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I kind of broke my “no research all month” rule for this one, but it is not hard for me to find an excuse to look at ancient Egyptian clothes. This one is vaguely accurate, although I think the lotus pattern may be over the top, there’s no melting perfume cone and the clothes should be sheer anyways, for full royal style. That’s even further than today’s ‘sexy Cleopatra’ revelers want to go… I used to want to be an Egyptologist, and I’ve even got a book or two on learning hieroglyphs in the other room. Then I discovered Japanese and kanji. No kidding.

If you’ve already taken my poll and answered “obscure costumes,” can you leave a comment and tell me what kinds of costumes you’re talking about? I’m very curious now, since that category’s done so well. I expected that sexy costumes would be low on the list for this crowd, but I wasn’t expecting that no one would choose ‘pop culture’ for a costume. What, no Jedis in this group? No Jokers? I thought everyone wanted to be the Joker this year…

9 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Series Day 8: Cleopatra White Linen Egyptian Dress with Blue Lotus Pattern, with Jeweled Collar and Red Sash

  1. Could I have voted twice? Because I voted for the traditional witch/vampire/pirate but I also wear the pop culture Dorothy/Mary Poppins/etc.

    And I have a Cleopatra costume, too.

  2. I tend to dress up as characters of my own creation. This year for a sci fi convention I am making a green witch and finishing up my fairy. A few years ago I made a Lord of the Rings costume, which I suppose was a pop culture costume, except that it was not a specific elf from the stories, or even the branch of elfin kind popularized in the movie. To make it more fun, the dress I designed was so complicated that by the time I finished the embroidery, it no longer fit. Bah.

  3. Hey, I love your site! I’ve been meaning to leave a comment here for ages, but I’m not so good with the follow through. I voted for the obscure costume, like wearing socks with sandals to be “that person who wears socks with sandals”. But my brother was planning on being the Joker until he started playing too much Guitar Hero, now he wants to be Slash.
    Once again, I love this site, I was so excited to see your Halloween series. I’ve collected paper dolls since I was a sticky toddler. I started drawing my own in high school, but it died out after a year or two. This site reinspired me. I just finished painting a page of Susan’s (Prince Caspian) dresses, and have several pages of sketches made up, waiting to be finished. So thanks and please oh please keep it up!

  4. smalltown mom: wow, I need to borrow your closet! I guess you could clear your cookies to vote again…

    Shannon, those sound great! I’d love to see a picture of the LOTR costume, it sounds beautiful. I need to do a LOTR costume this month… Mom and I watched all three movies (the looong versions, too) while I was visiting her earlier this year but I never did a paper doll from it.

    Megan, hello! I think I found your deviant art page through searching for my site’s title, then I didn’t notice until after posting my comment that it had been a couple of months since your last post. I’m really happy to hear you’re doing some more dresses from the movie now. :D

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