Two Fantasy Princess Gowns from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

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Here are two of the fantasy gowns from my old Boutique site. The blue and white one seems to have a sort of military character to it, to me, like a Valkyrie ballgown, and I like the red on the other one…

I’ve been thinking about what constitutes a “Princess” gown, mostly because the three-pack of Kleenex my husband brought home when we were sick includes one box with the Disney Princess girls on it. (He was pretty sick too at this point, I doubt he thought anything but “wife needs kleenex, kleenex exists in these boxes, these boxes are available for purchase, go go go”) All of them have had some significant wardrobe additions since the Princess line came out: I’ve seen these gold dress variations a few times, and the Kleenex box has something similar to that, although the dresses are the original colors. Everything else is changed: every inch of fabric that can have gold scrolls or ropes of jewels or lace and embroidery now does, and there are other embellishments such as jeweled capes, lacy ruffs, tiaras and more detailed sleeves. Sleeping Beauty’s looks like she’s got a Venus flytrap on her shoulders, in my opinion, and I wish I could find a picture of this so everyone could agree with me. The box says that it’s the newest Disney Princess collection, “Jewels,” but I can’t find any pictures.

Anyways, I must admit that it delights my inner 10-year old, but it made me think of some of Amy Mebberson’s Disney drawings of the characters that didn’t make the core Princess group cut, such as Kida and Eilonwy — here’s one of the “Non Princess Club and here’s Disney’s Forgotten Princesses So I thought it would be fun to draw a dress for one of the girls left out of the Princess club in this poofy Bedazzled “Jewels” style… I’m not going to post a poll since there are so many options, but leave a comment and tell me who you think should have their dress redone!

Looking at the Non-Princess Club, I think it’d be fun to do a dress from the Sprite from Fantasia, but I’m open to suggestions on this one…

8 thoughts on “Two Fantasy Princess Gowns from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

  1. Liana,
    I love your dolls and was wondering wether i could use them in my story. I have to write a fairytale but i can not draw. My teacher says i can’t get more than 60 percent without illustration and your dolls were so pretty i would love to use them on the front cover. Please

  2. Hi Liana.
    I am such a big fan of yours. I still have some of your old Boutique dolls in a box under my bed. They had some pretty fun times when I was younger. About the Princess Dresses, I always loved Esmeralda’s dress and I think that you should draw that one if you have the time and/or energy and desire. Once again, I love your dolls.

  3. Oh, what a nice idea! I also dig Esmeralda, she is so independent and self confident in relation to many of the other Disney princesses (especially Cinderella, she is not so nice and sugar sweet in the original fairytale);-)

  4. The non princess most in need of a makeover is the dancing hippo from Fantasia. Fight the notion that all Disney princesses need to be slim! The dancing hippo is wonderful!

  5. Hi, I just found out about your blog I think it’s cool. There all these girls that are sending comments about how they love the dolls. How do you get them?

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