Red B&L Axiom Jumpsuit from WALL•E

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Brian and I went to go see Wall-E yesterday; these red jumpsuits are what the humans on board the Axiom wear. (And don’t forget, blue is the new red.) I don’t remember exactly how they look, and it’s impossible to find pictures of the humans, so it might be slightly off. I truly enjoyed it; it was less preachy and not as cruel about fat people as I had feared it might be. For one, it’s not as simple as “everyone would be better without any STUFF” — Wall-E treasured some of the things he found, using them creatively and learning from them. I don’t have a problem with too much stuff, myself — two moves in seven months will do that to you — so I didn’t go home with a burning determination to reduce my wasteful ways, although I do want to get my compost bin started… The heart of the story, of course, was Wall-E and Eve (and the other robots, too, were a lot more important than the humans — but I can’t very well make an Eve outfit, just cut out an oval, give her a monitor face and little blue eyes…) and that was really quite sweet. Brian, of course, nitpicked the mechanics of space travel, but that is Brian. The movie made me quite sad that the apartment landscaping people weed-whacked our growing flower bed that morning, but in the spirit of Encouraging the Green Growing Things, we went right back out and bought some more seeds…

5 thoughts on “Red B&L Axiom Jumpsuit from WALL•E

  1. If you really want to nourish your garden by watching a movie, let’s sit down and watch SILENT RUNNING again!

    This would also help me decide which would win in a fight: one of the WALL•E guys or one of the Control Drones.

  2. Two moves in seven months? That’s what we are looking at. Could you please come over and hold my hand and tell me everything will be just fine? And what to dump and what to save?


  3. Again, that’s Brian for you. :) It’s really not that bad… The clarifying thing about two moves in a short time frame is that it really helped you know what you want to keep. Because for move #1, you get rid of stuff, reorganize and wind up with the things that seem to be important to you enough to pack up in a moving truck and unload somewhere else, and with move #2, you look at half of those things and think “I don’t want this. I didn’t need to move this, why did I use my valuable energy taking it here? If I move it again, I’ll never use it” and then you get rid of them before you wind up in the space where you intend to stay.

    But it’s all very easy to say when it’s just the two of us, going from a two-bedroom apartment to a smaller two-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom. I don’t envy my mom and dad, who moved from a house to a two-bedroom, then packed all that up and moved across the country half a year later!

    Good luck with your own move. :)

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