6 thoughts on “1800s bloomers and hoopskirts from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

  1. I like the philosophy behind the bloomer movement, but Its a no brainer why they never caught on! Especially when seen side by side with the alternative – I think I would have stuck with the lace and big poufy skirts too (I know, my ribs would have been compressed from my corset and I wouldn’t have been able to walk through doorways, but I suppose that is the price one pays for fashion ;)

  2. Don’t you wonder who the first woman was to ever wear a full on hoop skirt? I’ve read the history of the process-the added layers to make the dress stand out and then the final hoop structure. How odd and freeing that must have felt, but also imagine having to think about where you were going and if you could fit through!

  3. I remember playing with the dolls and stuff like this while I was young :). I had them alllll still do of course.

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