Three 1800s regency gowns from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

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Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts about our dear Maggie. It was a horrible time for all of us and all your thoughtful comments really made me feel better about her. The apartment seems so much different without her trotting around… Harume seems as placid as ever (we don’t call her Goldfish Brain for nothing) but she’s become more vocal, always meowing over and over. She doesn’t seem sad, though, but just chatty, so I guess she’s all right.

I’ve had a half-finished dress for a while now, so I decided to restart the process with some Boutique gowns… These are from the 1800s (though when I drew them I didn’t make any finer distinctions of time, so I forget exactly when they are supposed to be from). I put them up in honor of the kind link from Jane Austen Today, and also because I just finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and regency gowns are on my mind. I actually remember exactly where I was when I was drawing the gowns in this set: working in the computer lab at Tri-C back in high school, a job which entailed fixing jammed printers, cleaning up and signing people in and out. So I could sit at the desk by the door and have some downtime to draw, and I just thought I had it made!

7 thoughts on “Three 1800s regency gowns from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

  1. I’m glad to see you back as well! Life can be so hard sometimes. It’s (mostly) nice to have people around to nag you back into action. :) {{hugs!}}

    Now onto the dresses! So timely for me! Being a Jane Austen nut, (Thanks for the Austen link.) I picked up “The Confession of Fitwilliam Darcy” by Mary Street at the library yesterday. I couldn’t put it down last night after the kids were tucked in bed. I was up until I finished it at 1:30 this morning. e’hem It was so wonderful to see Regency dresses from you! I printed them all out.

    Miss Ana has gone ga-ga over your dolls. She’s played with them everyday since I printed them for her last week. She’ll love these dresses too. :)

    Many thanks!

  2. Can’t wait to do a P & P marathon! When you come to visit we’ll watch the DVD I got from the A & E store using the blueray player on the new TV. Not HD but still. Oh the lace!

  3. Janel: I thought of your daughter when putting these up, actually, since seeing the picture on your blog! I drew these Boutique dresses so long ago that they seem like museum pieces to me, and the idea of someone still having fun with them makes me happy. :) Is the Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy a Pride and Prejudice sequel? I flipped through one of those once, I don’t remember the name, and it was horrid, but if there’s a good one I’ll happily read it.

    Krysti: Thanks! :D

    Mom: Yeah, we definitely have a marathon in our future, just like the old days :)

  4. Liana, she is having a ball with them! I spent all yesterday afternoon snipping. lol

    The P&P book I posted about is not actually a “sequel”. I didn’t know what to call it. It runs during the same time line as P&P, but everything that happens is from Darcy’s perspective. There was nothing inappropriate or the least bit racy. hth

    I picked up a nasty sequel (with a timeline after the Eliza/Darcy wedding) and I couldn’t finish it. bleh.

    BTW, Ariana has scissors rough cutting today’s dresses. She just said to me, “Would you ask her if she would please, please draw something with an apron?” She’s really into aprons. Thanks!

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