Akatsuki Member’s Cloak from Naruto

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I’m so far outside the targeted age group that it’s rather an embarrassment to admit, but I’m fond of Naruto. (Brian calls it the “screaming ninja children anime,” and he’s really right on the mark.)

This cloak is the uniform of Akatsuki, the group of powerful, outlawed ninja whose members become the primary antagonists in the later part of the series. Even if they are ruthless and pursuing world domination, they’ve got a little more fashion sense than most of the ninjas in Konoha (where most of the protagonists are from), where the hot styles of the day involve bulky olive vests and far too much fishnet.

14 thoughts on “Akatsuki Member’s Cloak from Naruto

  1. i have taken a liking to the fishnet (expecally on shikamauru) and the green vests are a simple tradition for jounins(i think that is how you spell it) but i take it offensive that you would diss konoha clothing

  2. You’ve definitely got a point there — especially after reading the latest issues, Shikamaru in his fishnet beats Sasuke in his Akatsuki cloak. Sorry, Sasuke, you don’t carry it off quite like your brother did…

    Well, I’m of the opinion Shikamaru beats everything, so for him I give a pass on the fishnet and olive life jacket. ;)

  3. Not to be a nitpicker, but it’s not fishnet. It’s a fine mesh of metal wire used as a type of armor that’s lightweight, very flexible, and quiet.

  4. You know, I’m quite happy for the clarification, because I now feel a little better about Shikamaru’s chances, what with this whole Pain invasion thing, but I still think “fishnet” is a reasonable description, even if it is extra-special fishnet. I present exhibit A and exhibit B in support of my position. ;)

  5. AKATSUKI RULE!!!!!I’m a member akatsuki. IF YOU ARE IN THE AKATSUKI I DIDN’T DUCK TAPE TOBI TO THE CELING OF THE CAVE, if you arent in the akatsuki i totaly did.

  6. If you think it is good now, rewatch them all in the original Japanese, with sub-titles. I know it sounds weird, but it is amazing. So different!

  7. i LOVE this! (mainly because im team Dei-kun all the way ^_^) i love naruto and recently started reading the manga im currently on volume 189… out of about 600 >.< lol

  8. I LOVE the Akatsuki! I’m a member, too! Literally! my friends and I actually have gotten together people who love the akatsuki and have actually made a group! people with certain characteristics became certain people! I know we don’t have chakra and stuff, but we have the same looks and personality as the real Akatsuki members! We even changed our names to the Akatsuki members names. Oh, Dei-kun is mine. Litterally. My boyfriend is the guy who is Deidara in our group.

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