Mermaid Monday #8: Black-Tailed Treasure Hunter Mermaid

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Now, tail color for a mermaid isn’t destiny any more than hair color is for humans, but there is something about black tails and treasure hunting that seem to go together, and it does make for more efficient camouflage than shiny gold generally does. Treasure hunters often end up being flashier than their gold-tailed friends when they’re not on the job, showing off their most recent finds and piercing their fins, but it’s hard to begrudge them any of their triumphs since they don’t tend to live out their natural lifespans.

This treasure hunter loves flashy clothes and heavy jewelry when she’s not exploring, but on the job she has a lot to carry and consider, so she dresses for speed (although she can’t quite let go of her lucky fin piercing) and comfort. She also has a small shovel in her backpack and carries a trident to help fend off sharks. She might look a little gloomy to those of us who associate black with death, but mermaids think of green as the color of death, since they fancy that the bubbles that mermaids turn into have an iridescent green tinge.

The Good Queen continues to triumph…