1950s Cheerleader for Color Wars 2008’s VeryGreenTeam

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

So ze frank is running a game called Color Wars, a Twitter based production. People join groups of their favorite teams on Twitter, then those teams, apparently, participate in goofy challenges. For example, the first one was to dress up in your team “uniform,” whatever that might be, to take a picture of yourself throwing rock, paper or scissors and to post it on Flickr. I didn’t do all that, but I did draw a verygreenteam retro cheerleader uniform (based off of the uniforms in this picture of a 1950s cheerleading group). Of course I’m on the green team — everyone else is, apparently, which makes it slightly less cool than Brian’s favored Clear Team, but what the heck, it’s green and I’m sticking with it. Go Team Green!