Site news!

Hello everyone who still reads this poor neglected blog! I’m alive, and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for so long. I will get back to posting more drawings soon, though.

The big news as far as this site is concerned is that I got a new scanner! Take a look at the old version of the purple empire waist prom dress, and compare it to this lovely new version of the purple empire waist prom dress. See any differences? The coloring, while not perfect, is much closer to the original, with more of the pinkish-lavender showing up, and the big thing: NO MORE BANDING! Hooray, hooray! It was the most depressing thing to make a beautiful dress and have all those ugly bands crossing it. I mean, look at this poor dress. And this sad dress got so mangled that I tried fixing it in Photoshop – you can’t even tell I did anything, can you? That’s why so many of my dresses towards the end were wedding dresses: light-colored things were the only ones that would come out right! The valley between how lovely they appear to me and how they show up to all of you was so vast, it just made me sad. But now there’s none of that.

My plan is to rescan the dresses I liked the best that were banded the worst. (Although I will keep the old scans up: surely someone out there is crying “I like the colors on the old prom dress better and I don’t care about the banding!” and there’s no reason not to please them too…) But I’ll also start scanning new things. Help me out with this one, paperdoll fans…

If you want to know what on earth in my life is so great and interesting that I don’t draw enough paperdolls, please feel free to check out my new blog, Honestly, it isn’t as enthralling as all that – it’s just a place for me to put ramblings that are quite out of place on a paperdoll blog.

Thank you for your patience, paperdoll fans, and thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments while I was AWOL!