Recolored Sequined Gown in Black, Purple and Green

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I’m sorry for missing the last couple of days with no explanation, and for posting just recolored versions of the last dress today. My grandmother passed away yesterday. She didn’t suffer for very long, and she passed away peacefully.

Anyways, I threatened on Twitter, when I was nearing the end of Monday’s dress and feeling like my thumb was going to fall off, to just Photoshop out the bottom part and call it a day. I didn’t end up doing that, thankfully, but I did get curious as to what it would look like, and then started playing with the colors, and… well, it gives me something to post today! When Grace and Ivy start their girl group (I will have to make up a third paperdoll for them, I guess), now they can tour all over the place and not wear the same thing every night. I will get back to drawing soon, though.