Black, Blue and Aquamarine Merines Gown based on Tales of Legendia

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I played Tales of Legendia recently. I’ve never played any of the Tales games, but a friend of mine recommended it to me a while back, so when I felt like I wanted a new RPG, that was the one I went for. I initially just thought it was cute and superficial, but it got emotional later on, and I came to really like all of the characters and enjoy their interactions with each other. I just loved the music, too (I still listen to it a lot when I’m working on something) and the character and setting design.

This is a slight spoiler for the game, but it is four years old so… One of the characters, Shirley, goes from being your standard cute, squeaky, vaguely holy girl whose primary trait is bland niceness to becoming the Merines, the embodiment of the genocidal will of the sea. With this vast improvement in her personality comes an upgrade to her wardrobe as well; she goes from an outfit that made Brian describe her as a “milkmaid” (and then he kept on calling the weapon that gets powered by Shirley’s energy the “Milkmaid Cannon”) to a black-and-blue ensemble. I didn’t much like Shirley until after I had finished some of the Character Quests later on in the game, and even then, although I didn’t mind her, she was my least favorite, but her Merines outfit was great. This outfit isn’t from the game, but it is based on the general Merines color palette and on the other clothes that her people wore.