Two New Year’s Dresses from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

Click for the doll.

These are two dresses from the old Boutique holiday section. Since they’re so old, I can’t say for sure but I’m pretty sure they were intended for New Year’s parties, and although it is a little too late I thought I’d put them up. Not that I did much partying, but I did stay up until midnight at least, and made black-eyed pea curry with collard greens.

I think the poll is quite interesting so far, take it if you haven’t…

Overview of the Past Year

Oh, my poor abandoned princesses and blog. I apologize: I got frustrated with day 7’s gown, then I got bored of my story and I got bored of princesses and all of a sudden it’s past Christmas and the story is fast making its way towards New Year’s resolution territory. (“And then they can find eggs for Easter,” says my mom. “And wear green for St. Patrick’s day!” I add.) I can’t just abandon them, so I will finish the story before next Christmas, I’m sure. And it is a good lesson for me: drawing block alone I can usually push my way past, but writers block + drawing block = fail. Next Christmas I will prepare properly.

Being my own harshest critic I have a lot of things about myself that I want to improve, but my main resolution for 2009 is to improve my drawing skills. I like a lot of what I did in 2008, but I’m still skating on techniques and habits I was using in high school. With a lot of work and some luck, maybe by 2010 I can draw hands… Anyways, my favorite outfit from 2008 was the bride mermaid, while the one that got the most hits was Princess Ashe’s wedding dress.

2008 brought many great things for me and Brian, and I have a lot of hope going into 2009. I wish you all the best for the new year, and I hope to draw a lot of beautiful things to amuse you!

I’m curious about this, so take the poll. Me, of course I don’t cut out the originals. Instead I keep them in a big cardboard box that my cats like to sit on. My mom would be horrified, and I need to think up some better storage system…