The Mars Person Visits Earth, circa 2001

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday – I kind of got carried away with another project. However, I do have some good news! I bought Flash CS5. I learned to use Flash (to some extent) in college, but haven’t touched it for a long time. But it’s something I always wanted to learn to do again, for what should be obvious reasons.

This is a dress-up game I did in college for my boyfriend (now husband). If you are observant, you may have seen the Mars Person elsewhere on If you’re very observant, you may have seen him twice. I should note that “pop culture references” doesn’t work. Whether this was because I never got around to it, or a deliberate joke because I was then, as I am now, rather out of touch with pop culture, I couldn’t tell you. But it is more likely that it has to do with my laziness.