Queens of the Sea #3: 1650s Doublet and Breeches for Jacquotte Delahaye

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Welcome to day three of the Queens of the Sea series, part of the Random Magic Pirates book tour! Here is the mini-bio for today’s pirate, provided again by Lyrika:

Jacquotte Delahaye: The Gambler

Jacquotte Delahaye was a 17th century French pirate, or buccaneer, and her hunting ground was the Caribbean

She was originally from Haiti and turned to piracy after the death of
her family. She faked her own death and later returned under her own

Her nickname was ‘Back from the Dead Red,’ because of her vivid red
hair and seeming ability to return from the grave.

You can read more about Jacquotte Delahaye at The Book Swarm on May 16th, as part of the Queens of the Sea series. (I’ll update the link after it’s been posted.)

Other sources say she was active around 1650 or so, and that she started out disguising herself as a man but later worked under her own identity — so I gave her men’s clothes, but cute ones. The doublet just doesn’t seem very nautical to me… maybe it could be for formal occasions. In any case, at this point we are just a couple of decades away from the kinds of clothes, like waistcoats and justacorps, commonly associated with the “golden age of piracy.”

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