Blue Halter Dress with Yellow and Pink Flower Pattern

Click for larger version of blue dress (PNG); click for PDF version of blue dress. Click for larger version of black dress (PNG); click for PDF version of black dress. Click here for the list of dolls.

Someone got a new tooooy ♪
I ordered some white gel pens, because I wanted to see if I could do, well, something like this. After playing with them all day, I can happily recommend the Sakura Souffle for use on top of Prismacolors. I will do a tutorial about it at some point, and a comparison of the types of pen I bought as well. But for now, I’m just happy I could do what I wanted to do with white ink! Or rather, I’m on the way to making some cool things, I think.

So this is just me playing around with my toy, I hope you like it. And since I am in such a cheery, experimental mood I couldn’t help fussing around in Photoshop and making a bonus version, too, which is a little less refreshing and springy, a little more chic.

White Sundress with Orange and White Flowers

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I’ve written before that a white drawing usually means that I didn’t want to draw at all, and tonight’s no exception, I got started around nine P.M. (Not yesterday, where I had that design in my head for a while, but definitely tonight.) But somehow, once I actually start drawing, even if it’s late and I don’t want to, I can’t stop. A useful thing to remember on those days I’m tempted to skip drawing…

You can thank Brian for tonight’s color palette. I asked him what colors to decorate the plain white dress with, and he was inspired by the onions, celery and carrots I chopped for soup for dinner!