Mouse’s Marriage, now in Flash

As I wrote earlier, I finally bought Flash (all the while cursing my stupidity for not having thought to buy it while I was in grad school). There is an incredible amount of things I don’t know yet, but I’ve just started getting through the book I bought to go with it, to say nothing of whatever tutorials are out there. I borrowed little ChÅ«ko for help with my first Flash exercise – as you’ll see within a couple of minutes of playing with it, there are a couple of things I especially need to figure out like having clothes snap to the doll and making it so the white space isn’t selectable. I’ll get there, though.

If you know of any particularly good Flash dress-up games or dress-up game makers, please post a comment! I particularly like some of the ones on Doll Divine, but mostly I am interested in ones with really good interfaces.
I do intend to draw a proper outfit for today, don’t worry. (Hi, Mom.)