New color chart!

I’m afraid I don’t have a pretty new dress for you all today — I’ve been working on this color chart, because I can’t find the original one. I’m sure it’s with my sketchbook that I was using before the move. What’s more, I’m sure I put both of them together somewhere odd and thought to myself, “I’ll be sure to remember where I put these, so I can find them immediately once we get there!” You’d think I’d know myself a little better after all these years… Still, this one is rather an improvement: Seashell Pink is in the right place, other people can read it — my handwriting still reflects early struggles with holding pencils, I’m afraid — and I blended out the edges so I can see what the colors look like both at their strongest and when they’ve been gone over with the colorless blender. (For some of them, like Spring Green and Copenhagen Blue, it makes a drastic difference.)

In other paperdoll news, I’ve added a couple of new paperdoll blogs to the blogroll: Vee’s Paper Dolls and Cutout Couture. I have a nagging feeling that someone posted a link to another new paperdoll blog while I was gone the last few months and I missed it. So if there are any other paperdoll blogs that I don’t have on my blogroll, please point me to them!

I’m going to put up another quick contest — I want to get back to drawing next week, so this week will be something of a coloring warmup. (Haven’t forgotten about you, Hannah: I’ll probably do that one tomorrow.) Here it is: How many visits did I have on September 12th, 2010?
Rules as always:
1) If you’ve already won this year, please don’t enter. (Music contest winners are OK to enter a black-and-white coloring contest though. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about you guys either. As my penance, I’ve just been suffering crushing guilt whenever I listen to Lady Gaga. I hope to do those outfits before the end of the month.)
2) One guess per person per day.
3) If no one gets the exact color by noon PST, September 14th, I’ll pick the closest guess.

The number includes both this site and my paperdoll blog from 2004. (That link is worth a look if you haven’t noticed it already — nowhere else on the Internet will you find a genuine Star Captain Uniform, a celebration of World UFO Day and a wood duck fairy.) Since it’s such a short contest, I’ll give you a hint: the number is above 500 and below 5,000. The winner gets to pick out a black and white dress and tell me how they’d like it colored!

Update: The answer was 1,040; Diane came closest before the deadline.