Blue Empire-Waist Gown

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Taylor posted that she thought that the purple gown I put up recently seemed to her to represent “air,” with the other aimless color-centric gowns I’ve been doing recently representing other elements. I looked at the comment, then looked back at the dress, and somehow felt anxious: if that’s air, it’s certainly not a windstorm I want to be stuck in. If it is representing an elemental, I suppose it might be Shade from the Mana series… Really I had no such intentions from the start, so I’m not saying this is meant to be air, just as the others weren’t particularly meant to be earth, water, fire and so on (the orange one’s name was purely descriptive); I drew it without a narrative beyond “It’s gonna be blue. Blue, and light, and pretty.” But it is a pleasant idea that these aimless gowns have an underlying theme, unseen to me.

When I look at the five gowns of this type I’ve done, I like them well enough, but they seem to me to reveal a sort of lightly troubled unsettledness, all rough lines and emotions transferred to color. My normal focus is taking its sweet time returning to my fingers, and in the meantime I just get guilty when it’s late and I haven’t done or planned anything, so I just draw whatever comes to mind. It’s reassuring that people seem to like them anyways…

I’m happy, though. It’s good to be here. I’ve written a long post about the move, but not only does it feel more personal than what I usually write for this blog, I also don’t know what kind of paperdoll outfit should go with it. So you may or may not see that, depending on whether or not my normal creativity comes through for me!