Aelinora Bonus Dress and Short Story

A deep blue ballgown with a full, bell-shaped skirt and a strapless bodice. The gown is midnight blue at the darkest parts, but where the light hits it, it's a vibrant blue-green, and it sparkles all over, shimmering with light and dark blue, purple and white light. It has an overskirt of semi-transparent light blue tule, gathered at the front and decorated with a silver snowflake. From the top of the bodice to the neckline is an illusion neckline of semi-transparent light blue tulle, which leaves the shoulders bare. There are long white gloves that go with it, and the white petticoat is visible at the hem.

The short story isn’t ready yet; I’ll notify everyone who’s downloaded Aelinora when it is. Thank you for your patience!

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Black and White PDF

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