Sparkly, Twirly Rainbow Dress

A silvery white spaghetti strap top with sequins all over it over a ankle-length full skirt. The skirt is swirling around, making the hem rise several inches above the ground. The skirt is done in bright rainbow colors and has a swirl and leaf pattern as well as a slight sparkle. This dress just makes me smile, and I hope it does the same for you! I wanted to experiment with the way of doing sparkles that I came up with for last week’s dress. My intention was to put the sparkles on the skirt, but then I came up with the idea of making that part rainbow and doing a lot of sparkles on top of that seemed a bit much. So I only put a few sparkles on top of it, because when it comes to paperdolls that’s my idea of moderation.

Next week… well, I don’t know! I’ve promised doll #4 three weeks in a row now, I may as well make it a fourth. For now, you can download combined color and black and white PDFs of all of my 2014 dolls and outfits for free! Also follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for sneak previews, funny Photoshop error screenshots and fashion plates. If you enjoy my work, I'd also appreciate your support through Patreon.

5 thoughts on “Sparkly, Twirly Rainbow Dress

  1. Oh, sparkles. So many sparkles.

    The movement in this skirt is really amazing and the top really does look like sequins to me. I agree that doing the whole dress that way would be “a bit much”- except if it was a simple silhouette.

    1. i think all the dresses are beautiful i love them i am 11 years old and want to be a cosume designer i never found any insperation i would like it you would email me at because i want to use your dresses as my costumes

  2. My Grandaughter sent me a pic of your Lily of the Valley gown and asked me to make it for her for Halloween. I will send you a pic.

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