1912 Dress Contest

A dress with a lace overskirt and bodice over an embroidered underdress. It is gathered slightly above the waist with a wide sash and a large rose at the front.The bad news is that I put off this Friday’s dress too long, intending to work on it on Thursday, and then didn’t have the time on Thursday that I thought I would. I should be able to post it tomorrow, and I’m sorry for the wait.

The good news is that I’m going to start the contest anyway! In my poll earlier this month, 1910s dresses trounced the competition. Since I added the detail that these were Titanic-era dresses, I looked to 1912 fashions for inspiration. As always, the winner of this contest will get to tell me how to color this gown. This is just a sketch, meaning that the decorations are just placeholders: my intention is that the part bordered with the scalloped edge will be a very detailed lace pattern, and the scroll designs are also subject to change. If the contest winner likes, I’m open to suggestions for what the patterns and lace should look like.

The contest will run until noon on Thursday, March 27, and the winner will be picked by a random number generator. If you’ve won one of my contests this year, please don’t enter this one.

To enter, please post one comment answering this question: Between the cast of Titanic and the cast of Downton Abbey, who would win in a fight? You can define “fight” however you like, if you’re so inclined: the old-fashioned criteria of “no weapons, knee deep in mud, last one standing,” or perhaps the battles would involve snarky quips, salad forks, dance prowess, making the other side cry with tragic love stories — you tell me which story set in 1912 reigns supreme and, if you like, why.

18 thoughts on “1912 Dress Contest

  1. Well I’ve never seen either of these things, so here’s an outsider’s viewpoint. The Titanic sank. Doesn’t tell me much about the intelligence of its passengers, boarding something like that. And the name Downton Abbey makes me think of nuns, so: assuming my theory is right, and nuns are in actuality ninjas, then their habits and rosaries would undoubtedly make the perfect strangling weapons. Therefore I cast my vote Downton Abbey.

          1. All the awards. Maybe if Leo had been better at puns he would have gotten his oscar after all.

  2. The Dowager Duchess in Downton would kick the whole ship out of the water on her own. The character seems remarkably well written and the actress that plays her is pretty much the bees knees.

  3. Bates and Thomas are not to be messed with because Thomas is a devious but dashing young man and Bates… well… you know. So they would definitely make a dream team against anyone on the Titanic. Also if we threw Tom Branson in…. ooh unbeatable. They could beat anyone up!!!

  4. Well, the passengers of the Titanic – Rose and Jack anyway – never seemed to be particularly bright. Especially with the whole door situation in the water. And from what I’ve seen of the bits of Downton that I’ve caught in the past, they’d never have made the same mistake, so if ‘winning’ means surviving, Downton all the way!

  5. I’ve never seen Downton Abbey, but, from everyone else’s comments, the characters in it seem to be a lot more capable of “winning” than the ones in The Titanic (especially because Jack definitely had enough room to get on the raft with Rose!), so I’m going to say Downton Abbey would win.

  6. As far as the costumes are involved, Titanic wins. I love Downton Abbey but watching the same dresses beeing worn by different characters was a bit annoying

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