Daffodil Fairy Dress with Crocuses

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Here in Tacoma, the daffodils have been blooming for a while now; I got a lot of mileage out of this fact when I was back in Michigan, where the bitter cold on my legs brought back memories of ten years of winters that just refused to turn lamb-like. I’d get asked “So what’s it like out there?” A smug “well, the daffodils are already blooming” seldom failed to put an adorable look of hopelessness on the face of my winter-worn questioner. This is, certainly, the flip side of being teased for the endless rain.

I bought a bunch of ten daffodils from the store the other day, when they hadn’t even started to think about opening yet and you could just barely see a touch of yellow at the ends. Now, they look like this – brilliant orange and yellow. You know me, I can’t see such a pretty image without wanting to make a skirt out of it. I’ve included some bonus crocuses, too.

I don’t really do fairies very much; I have no shame about spending my time making up all kinds of mermaid tails and stories, but fairies bore me in much the same way blue jeans and real royalty bore me. But really, who else would wear this dress? Now, back when I was drawing clothes for the Boutique, I worked out a way to make separate fairy wings, through some system of cutting a slit in the doll’s chest and poking a tab through. I think sometimes I should sort that out again, but I draw fairy outfits so seldom that it always sinks back down to the bottom of the pool of things on my mind at any given moment.

Let’s have a new contest… The winner gets to tell me how to color one of my black-and-white dresses, as usual!
What’s my favorite flower?
Update: Ana got it – it’s the morning glory. (Heavenly Blue, preferably.)

32 thoughts on “Daffodil Fairy Dress with Crocuses

  1. fairy-hmmm… okay but I’m seeing ballet…celebration of the Pacific Northwest Spring-worn by the prima ballerina. Maybe surrounded by dancers waving budding branches and umbrellas.

  2. Darn, I already won this year. I think.. or was it last? Oh, well. When I saw this dress, I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Very pretty, I love it.

  3. Last calendar year? or in the past year? cuz i won in decemeber and that was technically last year. if i can guess my guess is
    morning glory

  4. pretty dress. I love Daffodils =)

    You did a few fairy costumes that are still on your old website. I like the wetlands fairy with the cattails on it.

  5. I’d like this dress http://www.joechip.net/liana/2010/06/12/black-and-white-regency-gown-with-flower-lace/ coloured please.

    The main part of the dress I’d like an English Ivy pattern, with vines looking like they are growing up from the bottom of the skirt. I’d like the background of the dress to be a vibrant shade of green like lush grass in summer and the piping and lace to be an earth tone pink.

    You know how if you put fabric or paper out in the sun it fades, and you can create patterns but placing objects on it? And then the background is faded version of the pattern? Well if you were to reverse that process so that the main part of the fabric was covered (i.e not faded) and the pattern was faded that is how I imagine the ivy pattern on the dress to look like. similar to the pattern in the gold on this dress http://www.joechip.net/liana/2010/06/23/colored-1700s-gown-in-gold-white-and-pink/ but more pronounced.

    I kinda hope that makes sense, but if not I’m sorry and I did my best.

  6. Ah, I’m late on this one. But I haven’t even heard of the flower morning glory, sadly, so I wouldn’t have guessed it anyway. :(
    Anyway, I love faeries! (Yes, I spell it like that.) They’re not so boring…there’s dark faeries, killer faeries, vampire faeries, oh, and I’ve seen mermaid faeries. There’s lots of kinds!
    Anyway, great dress! Spring isn’t quite here yet…they’re still predicting snow. *Sigh* I wish spring would come! And this helps!

  7. To bad I couldn’t be in the contest:( Well anyway my favorite flower our roses:) There so pretty! This dress made my day. It reminded me of spring on this cold rainy day in Montana:)

  8. You are cruel, cruel to those poor Michiganders!! I had a similar feeling of hopelessness reading that myself. Hee hee, but the lovely bright dress more than makes up for it :D And when I remember that I just spotted my daffodils poking their leaf-tips up yesterday (mine are especially late because I thoughtlessly planted them in the shade), I’m happy to wait patiently for the flowers to follow. Thanks for this happy reminder of spring!!

  9. I’m guessing bluebells’s apart from that liana i need your help i might be getting married and i wiuld like a design of the dress i have in mind if it’s all right will you design it for me

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