Gold 1930s Gown with Black Lace Peplum

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So somehow I got it in my head that Kathleen, who won my last contest for guessing my favorite book, never posted the dress and coloring scheme that she wanted, and as it turns out I was wrong — I don’t know if I missed the post or just forgot about it, but either way it was there, and I’m sorry, Kathleen. In any case, this is what she wrote:

OK, how about the 1930s evening gown with the peplum. It’s kind of old, but I love it. And could you do like a metalicy gold for the dress with black lace for the peplum?

I liked how this one turned out — I haven’t done that much indulgent gold for a while! I think that the lace part kind of breaks up the straight gold and lends it a little sophistication.

Prismacolors used: Black, Goldenrod, Cream, Sunburst Yellow, Dark Umber, Light Umber, colorless blender

33 thoughts on “Gold 1930s Gown with Black Lace Peplum

  1. this is very pretty, it looks so sophisticated and elegant with the metalic.

    Sorry, if I’m pestering you, but I really, really want to see the redo of the Good Queen.

  2. yes what was the answer someone claimed they were there and i was right, but who knows if they really knew the answer or not.

  3. I told Liana setting the post for today to go automatically would confuse people. I’m her mom, Sue. Many moons ago she entered our life and it’s been nothing but paperdolls and good times ever since. She and Brian are doing a non electronic thing for the weekend. Ana you won! I promise.

  4. ok then cool. first off happy belated birthday and secondly I’d like the first black and white regency gown from may ( coloured, please. I’d like dress to be a deep forest green with the accents and trim in gold and deep red (preferably without looking too christmasy in the process).

  5. Hi Liana! I love your dresses, you really have a talent! I have been wondering for about a year, can you do a fairy dress? like with wings? I think a nice water or forest fairy would look lovley

  6. Haha, that’s almost cruel, Ana — a green, gold and red gown in December that’s not supposed to look too Christmasy? It’s a challenge, I like it ^^;;

  7. i’ve wanted it coloured that way since it came out which was in may. and I was thinking more along the lines of wealth or royalty, originally.

  8. Oh hey liana- I think it would be so beautiful if you did anastasia’s blue strapless dress from the animated movie! That dress is so gorgeous & you would give it so much life!

  9. Thanx abigail! Actually BOTH dresses would look great (her yellow ball gown) but the blue one is my favorite. If you have the time you should definitely try both- it would be so awesome!
    I also noticed you had a few final fantasy dresses, it would be really cool if you did a few more of those out fits! Just a few suggestions *”_^*

  10. I like Anastasia’s dress to. I think a pair of wings would look good too… anyone agree? like a fairy dress…

  11. Stunning dress…as usual…especially the colors. I’m a HUGE fan of gold (although it looks awful on blondes like me) and the style of the 1930s is fabulous. =]

  12. I’m thinking of buying the game, Scribblenauts. (if I don’t get it for Christmas, that is). I’ve watched videos & read reviews, so it seems like an AWESOME game. Would you recommend it, Liana?

  13. Yes winged fairy dresses would be awesome & so would a collection of the disney princess dresses. If you ever run out of ideas liana just read back on some of the comments people have made!

  14. Thanks everyone ^^

    Kenzie, I enjoyed it and it certainly is unique! A lot of the puzzles got kind of repetitive, though – if I remember correctly, you can solve just about anything with rope, a unicorn and dynamite. It’s definitely fun, though.

    As for the various suggestions, I always appreciate them, but the Disney princesses are out. I still do the odd movie or video game costume, but I’ve tried to move away from straight-up reproductions of things, partially for copyright issues and partially because they’re just not as fun.

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