Red Gown with Half-Sleeves

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There I go again ^^;;

I’m sorry, the beginning of this month has been rather busy, so I haven’t hardly even thought of my poor neglected site! In some form of compensation, a red dress in the style of the other ones I did last time I needed to apologize. (If sets on polyvore are anything to go by, those were pretty popular, so another one can’t hurt.)

I just wanted to get something up for tonight, so I will write more later!

30 thoughts on “Red Gown with Half-Sleeves

  1. I love it when you do half sleeves, they’re beautiful and graceful like waterfalls. Truth be told, i love everything you do!

  2. Yayy! You’re back! This just made my day, I was beginning to think that you’d given up on this site! It’s ok though, I’m sure that your return and halloween story will be worth it ;) Thank-you so much you’re a phenomenal artist, I love everything that you do :)

  3. It’s just beautiful! So glad you’re back, I was beginning to really miss the thrill I get seeing a new post :)

  4. Great! Liana’s back! (That was not sarcasm, for the record.)
    I adore the color of this dress. The sleeves are extremely interesting as well. I love almost everything Liana does, but this one I like because it’s simple, sophisticated, yet strange with the bottom and the sleeves. Great work!

  5. It’s lovely!
    Oh, and I was just wondering-no! Understatement of the year! I was hoping that you could do the dress from Taylor Swift’s music video Teardrops on my Guitar. It is one of the loveliest dresses that I’ve seen, al green and flowy…sigh….and it would thrill me to see it on this site. Here’s a link to a pic of it-
    Loads of hugs if you do it!

  6. Хорошо рисуете,не спорю!Но состояние Ваших блогов желает лучшего!Блог-подблог-миниблог…снова подблог,который кидает ещё куда-то…в котором ещё один подблог…и на 500-м рисунке понимаешь,что голова кругом и дёт и не помнится,был ли тут или нет…А не проще ли так:Платья(1 2 3 4…),Костюмы(1 2 3 4…)и т.д.!А не платья-Хеллоуин-синие-с цветами-и ни с того ни с сего русалки выскочили…Бред!Вряд ли Вам будет понятно моё письмо…но может интуитивно почувствуете!С Уважением,Натали!!!

  7. Whoop shes back yayyyyy
    the dress is soo beautiful
    (i check this sight every day i just love the clothes and the dolls :)

  8. She left for almost a year once but did come back, why give up now? I understand you’re impatient for more beautiful clothes but patience young grasshopper, it will come with time.

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