Purple and Blue Gown

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I’m still not quite in the mood, as you can probably tell. But I want to be, so I’m trying. (Sufficient unto the day are the paperdolls thereof?)

I guess “paperdoll girls” isn’t inaccurate; I’m heartened, however, to see that there’s also the “paperdoll-people-my-age” contingent and beyond. Still, almost 700 votes? Wow. I’ve got a new poll for you, so don’t hold back…

16 thoughts on “Purple and Blue Gown

  1. The dress makes me think of a dark purple, upside-down morning glory. I just have one comment in reference to your poll, you left out a “What?! I could maybe vote twice? It never occured to me to try.” That would be my option. There’s more of us young PDers out there than people think. I’m 26.

  2. Ooooh, lovely!!! It looks so fluffy and swishy and fun :D

    The poll—oops. I voted “I can only vote once” while I was on the main page but then just for fun I tried voting where the poll showed up in the sidebar (for “I’m voting twice right now”) and it went through! I think two votes is the limit though. I’ll also mention that for some reason, once I reload the page or come to the site again after voting, the poll shows up with all the results in the thousands of percent (so right now, 4600, 1200, etc). And in the sidebar the results are all fractions of a percent. It’s weird.

  3. Yay, now there is a dress for each of the elements since you’ve been back. I saw the first three and I hoped that you’d do one that could be seen as Air!

  4. I can vote twice or more, but not for the same option. :P My choice has to be different each time, or it won’t go through. xD

  5. That is the dress I want for my formal next year! Do you, by any chance, make them in real? If not, I’ll have to do it myself ^^
    It’s beautiful

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