Contest winner!

Hannah guessed I was wearing blue nail polish with sparkles on top –that’s one tick over on the color wheel from the actual color, which is purple. But it did have the all-important element of “sparkles,” so she was the first to get the closest answer and she wins!

The color is this one, It’s Bouquet With Me. My nails aren’t that long, though. I would poke two little holes in my left hand with my pinkie and ring finger when I was drawing…

Congratulations, Hannah, let me know which black and white outfit you’d like me to color, and how! Do it within the next couple of hours and I might get it done by tonight…

4 thoughts on “Contest winner!

  1. Sorry it took a while for me to respond; busy + indecisive = not good! I was thinking about maybe the Japanese “color dress” in pinks and greens and violets with maybe some gold as an accent on the sash..?

  2. Hey Hannah! If she makes that dress can you please post on it first reminding me about you picking this?? I love your idea for the dress! I love Japanese things! Perfect choice!

  3. You know, I was just looking at that Flickr photostream and I have to say that nails that long are absolutely terrifying and not particularly attractive -_-

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