Green Evening Gown with Embroidered White Underskirt and Gold and Emerald Necklace

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There really wasn’t much thought behind this one, so it is accordingly presented without much comment! I just have a feeling next week is not going to be simple, and I didn’t have a lot of time today to make something interesting (or a story that would render this dress interesting), so I wanted to play around with my colors a little bit.

Prismacolors used: French Grey family, Spring Green, Olive Green, Yellow Chartreuse, White, Goldenrod, Dark Umber, Light Umber, Sunburst Yellow, Colorless Blender

22 thoughts on “Green Evening Gown with Embroidered White Underskirt and Gold and Emerald Necklace

  1. Yay first to comment (; This is great! Very elegant but simple.. I wish I had a dress like this!

  2. Oh goodness! I love that green. I confess, I want something similar for my wedding dress, but with some little sleevies. And not in green obviously ^^
    You should ‘play around’ without explanation more often :D Simple AND stunning.

  3. Love it, simple is good. And green is always a plus, but there is never anything simple about cutting out those necklaces haha.

  4. Lovely dress. When I first saw this dress, it reminded me of Kiera Knightly’s dress in Atonement, not exactly the same, but just as nice. I also love the short flowy train (:

  5. What a gorgeous dress! Yesterday you mentioned that Casablanca was one of your favorite movies. I love it too… I was wondering if you’d consider doing a dress based on that movie? All of Ingrid Bergman’s outfits are so lovely!

  6. I’m a little late, but i thought I’d like to say, that its beautiful and if i could I would wear it to prom! Maybe you’ll have to win a Holy Clothing contest again! He He. I love the dress. Greens my favorite (so is the dress)!

  7. I love this dress too! I don’t have a printer yet so for now I just save my favorite ones to my phone *^_^* I wish I owned this dress.

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