Strapless A-Line Wedding Dress with Feather Fascinator and Blue and Yellow Bouquet

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I’ve been thinking a lot about weddings lately — specifically Japanese imperial weddings, but weddings all the same. It seems like everyone (in America, that is: the sort of thing one wears for an imperial wedding ceremony is rather different) is wearing strapless gowns with A-line skirts in recent years, and I thought it might be fun to take a stab at one myself. Plus, it afforded more opportunities to play with the white gel pen!

I have no idea if blue and light yellow is a popular color combination these days, I just wanted to use some unexpected colors. The fascinator is based on one created by Brian’s cousin Emily. As for the choice of strapless-A-line itself, it’s been popular so long that I’m a little bored of it, but it’s still quite pretty and it has the further advantage of not being a pick-up skirt.

By the way, I’m taking a cue from the new paperdoll blog A Paper Closet and showing the outfit on the doll instead of just having it floating on an invisible mannequin. Check that blog out, by the way, and all of the other paper doll blogs I’ve put up on my blogroll, after losing all my links in a server move. There have been some great ones that started while I was on hiatus, like A Paper Doll Blog and Karen’s Paper Dolls.

You get one more clue today, before the contest ends…

How many visits did my site get between (and including) April 1, 2010 and April 30, 2010?

Don’t forget the rules…
1) If you’ve already won this year, please don’t enter.
2) One guess per person per post.
3) If no one gets the exact number by 9:00 PM EST, June 2nd, I’ll pick the closest guess.
4) I’ll give one hint each day the contest goes on.
– Sunday’s hint: It’s between 10,000 and 30,000
– Yesterday’s hint: The middle digit is 6.
– Today’s hint: The fourth digit (counting from the right) is an odd number.

23 thoughts on “Strapless A-Line Wedding Dress with Feather Fascinator and Blue and Yellow Bouquet

  1. Oh this is pretty! I do love wedding dresses. And it’s a great idea to how them on the doll, I like that a lot.
    New guess is 21,658

  2. I was looking at prom gowns. I love anything exotic like beading and stuff. Perhaps you could do some really nice ones! By the way do you think we could have a mermaid tomorrow since monday we got a pilot??? I loved the pilot btw you have an amazing talent and all your outfits seem so carefully designed and researched.

    for today’s guess I’ll try 25,674

    just a suggestion for whoever wins the contest, the Japanese color gown would be great colored! or maybe the regency gown she posted a while ago it was pretty.

  3. Tomorrow’s spoken for, I’m afraid! Probably you will have to wait until next week for a mermaid, unless I can’t think of anything to draw..

  4. I’m actually in the middle of planning my own wedding at the moment, and I must admit that I’m ridiculously sick of seeing strapless gowns everywhere. I do love your detail on the skirt though, it looks beautiful! My wedding colours are teal and ivory ;)

    New guess is 19,632.

  5. For the june dress maybe a very pale pink with pearl beading and cream colored ribbons on the skirt in a wedding cake pattern. Just a thought.;)

  6. oh i love looking at wedding dresses. say yes to the dress is one of my favorite tv shows :) thats really funny because two days ago i made a bracelet with yellow and blue, and now its one of my favorite combinations!

  7. wow. it looks really pretty :D simple, yet elegant.
    I suggest maybe, JUST maybe, you should try doing a wedding dress inspired by kimonoes!

    ~ random guess: 25,632 views? ~

  8. Pretty! I like the A-line but the strapless style is getting old. And I agree with Ophelia, you are the queen of paper dolls!
    Fourth number counting from the right? Wouldn’t that be the second number…?

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