Colored Ruqun in Green, Blue and Yellow

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Ophelia won my last contest by guessing that I had 400 colored pencils, which was the closest guess to the actual number of 403. She picked the ruqun and said, “I loved the movie Mulan when i was little, so what about a Mulan inspired dress? Mulan wears a different style of ruqun in the movie, so it won’t be the same, but what about the same colors; light green for the top and dark, almost midnight blue for the skirt, maybe navy or red for the sash.”

I added some detail, because I just can’t help myself, and Ophelia, I hope you don’t mind the little addition of the dragon… my mom wanted a dragon on this one, and it is certainly very hard to say no to my mom! Anyways, I hope you like it.

I like doing contests, because it’s fun to color according to someone else’s wishes every so often… I have to think of other kinds of contests to run. I was thinking I would ask “How many colored pencils did I just order?” (because I’m down to my last colorless blender… time for an infusion) but now I am bored of colored pencil counting. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

19 thoughts on “Colored Ruqun in Green, Blue and Yellow

  1. how about My Favorite Mermaid…Or My Favorite Dress…or What Color is My Hair… Or what Color Shirt Am I Wearing Today…or something like that…I’m out of ideas…and My favorite mermaid or dress would be hard to choose, so…i dunno

  2. i like the mermaid one, or the dress one. those seem like you would get the most creative answers, and you can see maybe what is other ppl’s favorites

  3. By the way, since I’m wicked cool, I print Ivy every day and glue her into a composition notebook and glue the outfits over her, since I don’t really play with paper dolls. But I love your art and that way I have all the outfits nice and neat. Today I showed it to the father of the little girl I babysit and he said it was very cool. So I’m passing that compliment on to you :)

  4. Aaah! Sami, I’m so sorry – I said I’d make a file with just Ivy and no dress, like, months ago and then I completely forgot about it. Finally, I put one up (the links are right under the old links on Ivy’s page).

    Thank you for passing on the compliment! It’s a huge compliment to me that you print out the doll and the drawings every day, too. So thank you for that, and my apologies for being a noodle-brained paperdoll blog maintainer!

  5. I absolutely love the dragon on the skirt- so cute! Let’s see contest ideas… no idea. my brain is dead-and it’s so hot out…but i think that Trazy has some good ideas. If I get any inspiration, I’ll add another comment.Sorry! But I love the ruqun!

  6. How about what is your favorite outfit you’ve ever made or perhaps what’s your favorite movie or television show. Maybe even have a coloring contest and the winner gets to pick a dress for you to color

  7. Just want to say that I found your site a couple of months ago and have slowly been gravitating back ever since. You’re amazingly talented in both artistry and imagination! Congratulations, Liana, you are now officially my art/fashion design IDOL.

    About a week ago you also mentioned wanting some kimono information sites? Since I absolutely love the Japanese culture and I’d have a happy attack if you drew a kimono, I did some googling and found a few great sites:
    (Use the links on the page for a lot more detailed information)
    And there’s the always awesome wikipedia.

    I don’t have much to say on the contest thing; maybe later when it isn’t burning hot out. So far all I have is things like your favorite animal, activities, stuff like that. Not very original.

    I do, however, have a suggestion: ice cream themed dress for summer?

    Anyways, great work. Keep Paperdolling!

  8. Could you do a wedding kimono? Like, something during a Japanese wedding reception, so it’s all colorful.

  9. oh, i hate running out of crayons… today my navy blue has become shorter then a inch… : time to go buy more.. i guess.. BTW i this dress is very pretty! mulan is my fav disney movie!!

  10. This one turned out so gorgeous! I think the dragon was inspired. your mother obviously knows what she’s talking about. One of my new favorites of yours!!! I’d love to sew something that looked like this someday lol.

  11. Contest idea: (Inspired by the whole Mulan thing above…) How about guessing your favorite movie or Disney movie? Make it multiple choice to narrow down the array of possibilites…

  12. Hey! I’ve just come back to your blog, and I must say: “Welcome Back!” Such a treat to find multiple posts. Love all the new dresses and keep up the fabulous work.

  13. Sweet! I love the colors Ophelia picked. Cool dragon, hehe.
    How about your favorite month? Well, that would only for twelve guesses at the most. Um… how about what day your birthday is, or your favorite holiday?

  14. When I was younger, my mother made me a mulan costume. It was identical to the movie one! My mom made all my Halloween costumes until I learnt how to sew. I wouldn’t say this is mulan’s dress but it is similar and liana put in her own personal touch.

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