Colored Masquerade Dress in Cool Colors

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So this gown, the neglected black-and-white cousin of my beloved cursed sister series, may have turned out a little crazy, but all the same I like it rather better now. Amelia won my last contest by guessing that I learned my gold technique from observing one of the Spice Girls’ dresses (yes, really — there were extenuating circumstances). She got to pick how I colored it, and wrote: “I feel it ought to be mermaid themed really, on the other hand I’d love to see a peacock themed dress but this one’s too flowery…
How about you fish out the aquamarine and do a toned down peacock colours dress with deep green accents like african-violet leaves?”

I think I kind of failed on the “toned down” part of the requirement… Well, but it was fun for me anyways, and hopefully you like it somewhat, Amelia! I’m sorry you had to wait so long, though…

Time for a new contest. Guess the answer to this question, and pick your favorite of ANY of my black and white outfits and tell me how you want it colored, and I’ll do my best to follow your orders. (I think that’s more interesting than forcing the winner to stick to the last one I drew, don’t you?) New rules:
1) It’s a new year, so even if you’ve already won one, feel free to guess again. (This includes you, Amelia, because technically you won last year… ^^;;)
2) One guess per person per post. (So if no one gets it today, try again tomorrow!)
3) If no one gets the exact number by noon EST, May 25th, I’ll pick the closest guess.

Question: How many Prismacolor pencils do I own as of today, May 18th?
This includes the ones that I use, all the stubby little pencils that are too short for my current sharpener but I just can’t toss, all the ones I have in reserve and my set of Verithin pencils I hardly ever use.

Keep in mind my local scrapbooking store went out of business recently, and I hit first the 50% off sale, then the 75% off sale, to stock up on Prismacolors. So that “reserve” number is a little high. That’s the only clue you get, though!

38 thoughts on “Colored Masquerade Dress in Cool Colors

  1. i’m terrible at things like this, but… somewhere in the five or six hundreds… er… 675?
    BTW, i absolutely LOVE the dress!

  2. I love this! You know, checking to see if you’ve updated is one of the high points of my day. I think I have too my time on my hands XD I’m going to guess… 248.

  3. Hmmmmmmmm based on the fact that there are exactly 120 colors of prismacolour on the market and that you probably own at least 2 or three of each + a few verythin hmmmmm 502 oh and btw maybe it should be to the nearest ten or something because it will take years to get the exact number

  4. I also coloured this one in peacock tones, but I must say that I rather prefer your one ^_^
    I’m going to randomly guess 666… Because I like the number 6 but I find it highly unlikely that you own 6 or even 66…
    So yeah. 666. ^_^

  5. I colored the dress in light blue (overskirt), light violet (underskirt) ans light pink (ruffels) but your version is spectacular!

    Oh yeah and the number of PrismaColors…mmmh.. 531

  6. hmmmmm, I’ll take 834.5, just a random guess, you can figure out what would count as half a pencil…

  7. Oh splendiferous! Thankyou.

    I shall guess 1977 (if I were you I’d have grabbed every pencil going, the number is just my birth year but I’m guessing it’s around there.)

  8. I will be daring and guess higher then everyone else so far… how about 3,424?

    btw love this dress!!

  9. Hey liana! I have a problem I haven’t ever read your paper doll archive but never can because a google ad hides all the dresses! It’s impossible to select a dress or click on it and I can’t see any of your other beautiful creations. Is there anything that can be done? I would so love to see your other work.

  10. I’ll guess 615, just because it sounds good. I absolutely LOVE the dress. It only really comes to life when you color it. ;)

  11. By the way- I totally agree with Kelly. I’ve tried to get onto your paper doll archive, but a google ad won’t let me do anything! I’m sure there are many other people who would love to see the amazing work on that page, so I think Kelly and i would really appreciate it if you looked into this problem. Thank you so much! :D

  12. Splendiferous huh? :) Glad you like it!

    Julia, Kelly, are you talking about my really old archive (the one from, what was it, 2003? 2004?) or a page from my current page? Either way, I’ll see what I can do! What browser are you two using?

  13. We’re talking about the Paperdoll Blog that you did from June to November 2004. You can access it from your FAQ page, but then the problem comes up…I normally use Firefox, but I’ve tried it on Internet Explorer. I really want to print out the Anna Kareina doll/dress, so thank you so much! :D

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