Help me search for art theft!

So I wrote earlier about how some instances of people stealing my art had made me feel unmotivated and unhappy, which contributed to my long absence. Most of those incidents are settled now, but there’s one site that so far hasn’t replied to my message about (I hate to drive traffic to them, but oh well) this Flash dress-up game which has uncredited, modified versions of four of my dresses. (Technically, one of them is ripped straight from Freyja’s colored version of a black-and-white dress I drew.) To my surprise, the very next one I clicked on also had uncredited and modified versions of seven of my dresses. (By “modified” I mean “given several sharp thwacks with the ugly stick.” Yes, if there’s one thing Holly’s pink and white gown needed, it was certainly big brown flowers.) It was even titled Original Princess Gowns, as if the creator had hoped to make it as grating as humanly possible.

I’ve looked through that site and the sites that both Flash games are from to see if any more of my art has been ripped off. So far I haven’t found anything but those two, but there are certainly an awful lot of those games. So, if you see anything like that, on that site or others, I would appreciate if you would use this form to tell me about it. (You could e-mail me, but it should be easier to keep track of things this way.)

Anyways, it’s kind of a shame, I like dress-up games like that and I’d like to be able to make them someday…

Update: The first one, Sweet Proposal, was removed from I sent the e-mail about that yesterday, and the one about the “Original Princesses” one today, so we’ll see if they get around to that one too…

14 thoughts on “Help me search for art theft!

  1. That’s so awful. And I feel awful because I used to love that website. I sent them a message about stealing your work. I was polite, I promise, but I did tell them they should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Wow… that is horrible! Maybe I should get a license too…… Did it cost any money?
    Those dresses look just like yours!
    And Sami, Way to go!!


  3. Those people are morons! I can’t believe they did that to you! Those dresses look just like yours! Your dress up game would be waaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  4. I am SO sure that if you made a paperdoll game it would be the awesomest!!! & those people who copied your dresses…How could they?!?!?!

  5. Thats terrible it’s happened so much but at least it’s getting fixed now :) What obnoxious people.

  6. “Original Princess” is still there….total rip-off.
    These people are really sick. They take my favorite dress (Blue Morning Glory) and make it ugly!!!!! That’s like, an insult to humanity or something! I’d certainly consider it an insult….

    (To rip something off AND make it uglier)

  7. Hey, yeah I play a load of dressup games and recently I have seen some of your dresses. I don’t return to those games because they are total jerks to steal someones orginal work and call it their own. Plus they take the quality of the dresses way down, as if they could hide the fact that they stole them that way. It was disgusting, glad your back though…

  8. Well, that sucks. I’m sorry I can’t help, but my provider (for internet, old course) is just slow, so it couldn’t even load up the ‘Orignal’ game, so, I wouldn’t know how horribly they messed it up. Sorry.

  9. those people must be so uncreative, i mean to steal YOUR dresses which you worked hard on? thats discusting/. i was looking at the comments and one said that they went to look here and didnt see them and i was thinking ‘ARE YOU BLIND!?’

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