Magic Wiki Dress

So my husband had this great idea: he suggested I draw a Wiki Dress. That is, have a wiki (a page that anyone can edit) with a dress description, let everyone edit it for a few days and draw the results. So please edit the wiki however you see fit: I’m going to leave this up until noon (eastern standard time) on the 21st and at that point I’ll draw what got described in the wiki.
Edited on the 20th: I love how the Wiki Dress is going. I don’t think I’ll be able to just draw the final version, as I had planned — I’ll draw a couple of suggested dresses instead. That means there will be dinosaurs, yes.
Edited on the 21st: The Magic Wiki Dress is done for now — thanks to everyone who had something to add!

8 thoughts on “Magic Wiki Dress

  1. I think that’s a nifty neat idea too!

    I’ve got one for you when you get bored.. Ginger Roger’s black dress with the collar from Swing Time. I saw it today for the first time and I want ME one! :)

  2. I’ll check that out, Janel, I’ve been meaning to redo the Swing Time dress I’ve already got — I hate the skirt, it’s totally wrong, but it’s a really high result for a google image search for “Swing Time” or “ginger rogers swing time” and I get a lot of comments on it. Maybe I’ll do both again :)

    Yeah, Annissa, I’m having a great time watching the progression here. I don’t think I’ll be able to just do one dress in the end…

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