January 2009’s Gown with Snowdrop Embroidery and Garnets

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So one of the things I did with the Boutique was to draw dresses with the birthstone and flower associated with each month. Since that was fun, I’m going to give it a shot this year, too, so here is January with snowdrop embroidery and garnets. The design is intended to be vaguely angelic, but I don’t really like how it turned out… I guess I have 11 more tries this year.

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9 thoughts on “January 2009’s Gown with Snowdrop Embroidery and Garnets

  1. Hi there Liana :) I thought i’d leave you a comment on the poll, you see not only do i save the dress images, I use your dresses for inspiration in dolling, not paper dolls but pixel dolls (just like paper dolls but for your computer.) rather than those drag and drop sites I find bases provided by other dollers and create my own clothing designs, when i have an artist block I usually come here to see what you’ve done and that jump starts my creative juices ^_^ I swear I’d be lost with out your paper doll blog!

    ~Love Zili

  2. That’s cool, thanks for the compliment! I never actually tried dolling, but I’ve seen a lot of beautiful ones, and it seems like such a sweet, miniature art. And since I can’t draw humans well I do like the idea of using someone else’s base, but that’s OK, I get by ;)

  3. oooh pretty!

    We’re printers & cutters. Ana has a whole big box of your dresses. She adores them. Me too. :)

    I’ll pop your box in the mail on Monday!

  4. Oh, I love it! This is quite possibly one of my favorites.

    Um, I don’t actually print any, but I keep MEANING to! It’s just that I have printer issues. So if you’re debating whether to stop putting up tabbed versions, or something, please don’t!

    (And I keep having the same urge as Zilithzan, except with Sims. I love your designs so much.)

  5. Oh, it’s not that at all ;) I’ll probably talk more about it in some other entry, but I’m basically wondering if I should switch to PDFs or something of the sort. The tabbed versions aren’t going anywhere, so don’t worry about that!

  6. I love this dress
    it’s simple yet pretty
    i like the way how you used red and made the jackte/over thing on top of the dress (sorry i’m not sure what i should call it)
    nicely done

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