5 thoughts on “Even More Fantasy Princess Dresses from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

  1. For historical, I’m picturing not just ‘medieval’ but also Roaring 20’s or Wartime 30’s, or Hippy 60’s. More ‘contemporary’ historical.
    Also, more pants. If you can do pants.

  2. I’m sure it won’t shock you if I tell you I voted for historical. e’hem Although I love the 1950s, I’m not stuck on any particular era. All but the late 1960s & 1970s are good. lol

    I’ve loved your book/movie inspirations too. I just couldn’t vote for both. :]

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone :)

    Sandra: The dolls don’t lend themselves to pants — the proportions aren’t really right somehow, I think. See the Clinton pantsuit — it looks too long to me, which isn’t a problem you get with skirts. Which is not to say I shouldn’t do them, of course ;)

    Faith: you know, I gave that some thought. Eight maids-a-milking is one thing, but I’m not at all sure how to represent a partridge in a pear tree in paperdoll format ;) That is two weeks away… it might happen, or maybe next year. It seems well suited for a paperdolling theme if I can work out an angle…

  4. I tried it too once, but I’m not near as good at it as you are, so it didn’t do too well. Maybe you could try an old-fashioned hat with a bird on it?

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