Two More Dresses from My Fair Lady from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

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So today I hardly know what to do with myself without a month-long theme. I did make a couple of fixes to the Halloween costumes — the gypsy now has a little bandanna, and the scarecrow has a hat. Plus, the pirate costume legs didn’t work all that well, so I edited that, and also edited the mermaid a bit to fit better. (The nurse also needs editing, so don’t print her out just yet.) Since I didn’t draw anything new, here are some Boutique dresses from My Fair Lady.

Janel tagged me for a meme a while back, and since it is only six things about myself, my apologies for putting it off so long!

1) I speak Japanese at a lower-intermediate level; higher when I’ve been studying, lower when I haven’t been. I feel like I haven’t forgotten most of what I’ve learned, but I need to study to draw it out, so when I haven’t been studying (like recently) it’s not really a skill I can count on. My favorite part is studying kanji, and my very, very long-term goal is to be able to read the Tale of Genji.

2) I can’t really draw anything besides paper doll clothes. Just look at Sylvia and Iris’ feet! (Or, you know, please don’t look at their feet.) Before our cat Maggie died, I was practicing drawing human figures more, but afterwards I lost the desire to draw for a while and then I never got back into it. Now, I’d like to get a second sketchbook and practice drawing hands, feet, all the things I can’t stand.

3) My husband and I have been together for a decade, married for five years; we met online through a website that I had when I was sixteen and he was seventeen. We have the sort of life where, if you filmed part of it for a movie, it would have to be some sort of horror or suspense movie where bad things happen to us, because the first few scenes of our lives are so wonderful you just know bad luck is bound to come into our lives. So far nothing really bad has happened yet, and I’ve quit worrying that the Sword of Damocles is an inch away.

4) I’m a morning person (while my husband would happily wake up at noon and sleep at three or four) and I do my best work in the morning — but I start work at 8:30, so usually I draw after getting off work. And man, if I don’t have a decent idea and the beginnings of a sketch at 8, 9 PM, that’s the time when I post a Boutique dress or two and call it a day…

5) I have been a horrible hermit this year; I have a couple of good friends who moved away, and my parents moved to Washington State, plus I work at home! I’m an introvert, so it doesn’t really bother me, but I think next year I’ll try to be more social…

6) I can’t tell my right from my left easily, I have to make an L with my left hand to know which is which. My mom used to think this was something I should learn not to do, and she bothered me about it when I was driving with her in the car. I still do it, and when we’re together she drives. Someday I may have to drive her around, and then I think I will have to blindfold her.

I’m running out of time for tonight, so I’ll decide who to tag later…

I extended this poll a few days:

3 thoughts on “Two More Dresses from My Fair Lady from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

  1. Love today’s outfits. :) Sweet! Thanks.

    We have a friend who speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese (and I’m sure I butchered the spelling of both!) I find Asian languages cool.

    As for R & L, I was good until I got married and had to think about which hand my wedding ring went on… Now I can never remember. :blush:

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. I’d love to learn Mandarin, and I started studying on my own a while back — since the Japanese kanji are mostly taken from Chinese, that part was easy, the grammar was easy, the vocab not bad — but the pronunciation killed me! These days I don’t have enough time for Japanese, so I’m not about to start another language, but maybe someday…

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