Mermaid Monday #5: Blue Seafoam Gown with Silver and Seaglass Girdle

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I’m back, and hopefully can get back to doing a dress a day. I was doing so well, too…

All my mermaid-y things are bound to have elements of Puget Sound for a while, since I went to visit my parents in Seattle and we spent a week at the beach. This gown is inspired by the way the waves break at high tide — the shawl and lace are meant to look like seafoam. Also, the silver girdle is set with pieces of seaglass. I count this as Mermaid Monday, because I figure they have to leave sometimes. (Brian thought this looked like the sort of thing one might wear to a wedding on the land.)

I haven’t done one since Cloud, so it’s not the best, but I’ll get back in the swing of things soon enough, I’m sure! (Cloud is turning out to be unexpectedly popular… I think I may have to redo his skirt, it’s too flat and bugs me to no end.)

6 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday #5: Blue Seafoam Gown with Silver and Seaglass Girdle

  1. Lovely! It’s nice to see your work again! I’ll definately be printing this one, but not for a while, because at the moment I’m on vacation… no printer here! :)

  2. All my friends love this one. It’s a gorgeous gown to leave the sea in. It makes you stand out and not because you have fins either. : )

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