Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique Formal Dresses, Part 1

Click for larger version; click for the doll.

I find myself, at the time of this writing, with a terrible headache and no drawings stored up in reserve… so instead of silence I thought I’d post some of my old Boutique dresses and one of the dolls.

When I was in high school and college, I ran a site called “Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique” for which I drew dresses and dolls. It got to be really rather sprawling, and was great fun, although my laziness, perfectionism and inability to really focus on more than one thing with  all my heart caught up to me and it slipped away at some point. These are from that old site.

I don’t remember which birthday it was when I got my set of 120 Prismacolors — though I bet my mom could — but in any case, these date somewhere to maybe sophomore or junior year of high school, 1997, 1998. (I’m very bad with dates…) I still remember details about some of them… the blue dress was a request from some paperdoll fan, and the gold dress was my first try at gold, and really my technique hasn’t changed too much. Also, I don’t do the outlines with black ink anymore, and I use the colorless blender instead of white… I don’t think my dolls look a lot better, though, and I post this one with some embarrassment, but hey, it’s history!

5 thoughts on “Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique Formal Dresses, Part 1

  1. Do you really want me to think that hard? You have been one with the Primacolor pencil for a long time. I remember Beanie babies were a hot item and you drew pictures of them for Sarah.

    Now for the important part. Go to and watch Pushing Daisies. You will love the costumes!

    ps You had a lot of very beautiful clothes on the old old page. Post more when you can.

  2. Yeah, now I remember the beanie baby drawings too… and OK, I’ll check it out sometime! And I’ll post more of the old clothes… over time… as they’re my new “I’m tired and headachey and don’t want to paperdoll today” fallback :)

  3. I like the green dress the most…… I went to your old site, and that is how I found you. I love your work!!

  4. i love all your drawings (old & new) and your creative use of the prismacolors. I have obviously found your site late but have been all through it (even went to the link for the old site).

    What i’m writing about specifically is that the pink dress grouped here with the others is backwards (i believe).

    Thanks for the wonderful dolls and so many links to other sites. Through poking around your site and many others listed here, i found myself on a site where the lady has scanned in her personal collection of printed paperdolls and found on her site – a paper doll set (the ginghams girls) from my childhood and discovered through her that there was a second set (the gingham girls visit grandma). I was thrilled to find a piece of my history like that on the internet and have you to thank for it (truly probably should be thanking Deviantart as well, because i found your site through them.

    Anyways thanks – and please i hope after you take this vacation that you continue – your work is much loved and appreciated.

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