22 thoughts on “Bloodstained Wedding Gown (temporary)

  1. Ooh! It’s all mysterious. I think you’re just teasing us, making us wait for the story :P I may have to come up with something myself in the meantime lol. Actually, I do kind of have a character that goes with this dress… *hurries off to my laptop*

  2. Hey!!! Just post what you have. Sunday is the deadline for October. No trick when we’ve been waiting for a treat. You are posting a dead bride gown for goodness sake. Torture!

  3. no complaints from me though. Every line and blend is a gift and every word is golden. Part of a story is still a lot of fun. Your concern about your followers is just so kind. Ask them-part of a story or wait wait wait…

  4. Whatever time you like can be creepy! Your dresses make it creepy… I like this one! Maybe something for my wedding? Hmmm…. Maybe not, but it would be cool.

  5. The ring of blood near the hem is a nice touch. As is the whole raggedy getup. Makes you wonder how exactly this girl died.

  6. Wahaha, another lovely bloody gown!! I love the soft pattern on the skirt and sleeve, and the tear in the skirt looks perfect!

    I’m probably more amused and delighted at all the blood on this dress than I should be… eheh. Looking forward to reading the story that goes with it! :D

  7. I actually think the blood makes it even more awesome. I keep trying to imagine it without he blood and it just isn’t clicking. Great job Liana!!!!!

  8. Perhaps the bride was left at the altar, and her heart truly broke, and she stood there as the blood pooled at her feet, waiting, certain HE would come….PLEASE give us a story–an Sue is absolutely right- your pictures and stories are gifts–Thank you.

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