Medieval Gown colored in Yellow and Red

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

The last time I got my mitts on this poor dress, I really made a hash of it, so, time to try again. I like it better when someone tells me what colors to use, though — it feels like a surprise I can enjoy, too. Sadly, I can’t ask Brian, or you would be seeing a muted turquoise/salmon pink medieval ensemble.

I’m curious about you all, and I don’t believe I’ve done this poll before. Mom and I call my readers “the paperdoll girls,” and I wonder if it’s about right. (Certainly I do have a couple of male readers — a minority to be sure, but I do!)

Contest winner!

Hannah guessed I was wearing blue nail polish with sparkles on top –that’s one tick over on the color wheel from the actual color, which is purple. But it did have the all-important element of “sparkles,” so she was the first to get the closest answer and she wins!

The color is this one, It’s Bouquet With Me. My nails aren’t that long, though. I would poke two little holes in my left hand with my pinkie and ring finger when I was drawing…

Congratulations, Hannah, let me know which black and white outfit you’d like me to color, and how! Do it within the next couple of hours and I might get it done by tonight…

Blue Mermaid Gown

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

As you can see, I am really still just kind of playing around with colors at this point. After a paperdoll vacation, I have to — to borrow an image Brian uses frequently — swim around in color the same way Scrooge McDuck swims around in his gold coins.

As a matter of fact, maybe it’s time for a contest or two, so I have an excuse to just color for a while and don’t have to think about pesky form and fit. (I haven’t forgotten about my music contest, trust me, but those outfits are going to require some thought. Color is just there in my fingers somehow, waiting for me.)

Here’s an easy one, so someone will get it before noon tomorrow… What color nail polish am I wearing? Hint: it’s not just plain color. That is, you will need color + nail polish additive to win this one. (Color in general: I’m not looking for the cutesy little official color name or anything.) The winner gets to pick out any of my black and white outfits and tell me how they’d like it colored!
Rules as usual:
1) If you’ve already won this year, please don’t enter. (Music contest winners are OK to enter a black-and-white coloring contest though.)
2) One guess per person per day.
3) If no one gets the exact color by noon PST, August 27th, ’ll pick the closest guess.
4) People who happen to have a view of my fingers are prohibited. (That means you, dear!)

Flame Colored Gown

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

This skirt is not intended to conform to the realities of fabric. Paperdolls 1, real life 0.

In any case, it reminds me of poor damned Linnetta, possibly because of the pale vermilion and sunburst yellow. (How impossible is that dress, too? Paperdolls 2, real life 0. Still one of my favorites, improbable or no.) In my imagination, she and her sisters are still bound to the Devil, and he’s never short of jobs for them. She can wear this, then, but I doubt it would give her much pleasure anymore.

Oops! I forgot to note down the colors I used for today’s dress, and yesterday’s too, and now the pencils are all put away… Let’s see — black, pale vermilion, poppy red, sunburst yellow, yellowed orange, cream, non-photo blue, Copenhagen blue, dark umber, bronze. I think. Forgive me, I am still out of practice…